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With 2019 well under way, I thought it would be necessary to communicate a few "big ticket" items that encompass the Blackstone Detail experience. I work assiduously to make sure that everything I touch receives the highest seal of approval. While quality control and continuous assessment remain at the forefront of my operation, I also want to emphasize that garnering your trust is without a doubt my highest priority. As an individual who exhibits a type-A personality, my success is only in direct proportion with the results that I produce. So, without further ado, let me take you through a rough sketch as to how my operation works.


I'm a firm believer in transparency. For this reason alone, it's always necessary for me to assess the condition of any vehicle, RV, or boat with a very calculating eye prior to executing any work. In conjunction with this approach, I utilize a variety of tools that facilitate your consultation. Some of these tools include the use of a paint correction flashlight, a paint depth gauge, and a detailing-specific microscope to monitor the extent of any potential paintwork damage. Much like visiting your trusted physician, I arm myself with the right tools and resources to ensure that you're receiving the most trustworthy experience.


You can't build a house without a firm foundation. I apply the same concept to my business every single day. A thorough and healthy washing regimen is a necessary prerequisite within the care of your vehicle. I'm also of the opinion that if anything is missed within this step, I might as well pack my bags and close shop. Regardless of age or condition, I know how you feel about your mode of transportation, which is why I'm treating your prized possession like my very own. Aside from performing my work in a temperature-controlled environment, everything that I touch is executed with a very delicate and skilled hand.

Some of the most trusted tools that I use within my washing regimen include the use of a deionized water filtration system, a heated and filtered hands-free drying unit, and a variety of towels that are specifically formulated to greatly reduce any form of marring or scratching. In addition, I know that each manufacturer has its own unique set of intricacies with regard to body style and construction. Therefore, I approach every vehicle with a customized formula that's tailored especially for you.

Paint Correction

"Under the knife" as it's often called, performing surgery to your paintwork needs to be handled by someone who knows the nuances of paintwork and paintwork technologies. Just like a Marine is drawn to his rifle, a professional detailing technician has an indivisible attachment to his polishers. Yes, I used the term polishers. For the sake of condensing this article, I'll simply let you know that yielding the best results requires the use of multiple tools. A mechanic wouldn't simply employ the use of only one wrench to tighten a series of bolts, so the same correlation can be drawn to an experienced detailing professional.

Interior Detail

The interior of someone's vehicle should be thought of as a refuge or a place of peace. With a host of automotive industries introducing sensitive materials like Alcantara, pseudo-leather, nubuck leather, thin fabrics, and other surfaces of the like, it's absolutely crucial to preserve these areas with tools that are delicate and effective. This is why I make it my business to treat each interior, regardless of model or manufacturer with the utmost precision and delicacy. As my maxim says: Restore, Protect, Preserve, Repeat.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film is considered to be the ultimate form of car care protection. Therefore, it would behoove you to consider substantial protection as soon as you take delivery of your vehicle. In this way, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that nuisances such as sand, small pebbles, and even the occasional door ding in a crowded parking lot will be treated like nothing but a passing fancy. For best results and a reassurance in your investment, I make absolutely certain that the environment I work in is contamination free.

Luxury and Presentation

Ultimately, I want to be your trusted resource for detailing and care care protection for life. Without you, I wouldn't exist. My commitment to excellence and perfection is all I'm interested in. You deserve the best, which is why I'm prepared to offer you nothing but the best. As a past music educator, I was always told that the pursuit of learning is never-ending, and I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. This is my creed at Blackstone Detail.

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