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If you've owned a vehicle in an unforgiving climate, then you're savvy to all of the elements during the colder months of the year. I'm often asked the question of whether it's necessary to detail a vehicle in the winter? Why go through the trouble of detailing your vehicle when unforeseeable weather conditions come and go at a moment's notice? Here are some reasons why you should:

1. Much like anything else you maintain in your life (clothing, house, appearance, etc.), the reward of detailing your vehicle(s) heavily outweighs the labor needed to maintain your vehicle's appearance.

2. I cannot reiterate this enough. Protection, protection, and protection! Did I say protection? Whether you're keeping that 1987 Toyota Camry for another year, or you're starting a new relationship with that brand new sports car you've always dreamed of, protection is paramount. Choosing the appropriate sealant, wax, coating, etc. will make a dramatic difference. The exact same concept applies to your interior. With interior coatings gaining momentum in the marketplace, every conceivable part of your cabin should be draped with some form of protection (fabric coatings, leather protection, vinyl & plastic coatings, etc.)

3. Think about your undercarriage. When road contamination, salt (sodium chloride), mud, and other foreign matter makes contact with your undercarriage, that's a breeding ground for rust. Next time you have your vehicle washed, make a request to have your undercarriage cleaned. If you're a DIY warrior, invest in a set of jack stands and either use a dedicated washing solution or an all-purpose cleaner and cover every conceivable area, especially your axles and exhaust system.

4. Regardless of the area you're trying to preserve, make sure to stick to a consistent regimen. The more consistent you are within this regimen, the easier it will be to maintain your vehicle's appearance in the distant future.

5. If you're trying to maximize the resale value of your vehicle, the overall aesthetics is the first variable that a prospective buyer looks over. If you skimp out on maintaining your vehicle for one winter, just wait and see the adverse effects. This could mean a difference of even $1000!

6. Do you have children or a large family? Inevitably, you'll be faced with heavy salt stains (sodium chloride), cracked leather, and other unsightly nuisances. In some cases, stains left from the grueling winter may never completely come out.

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