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Blackstone Detail is a strong proponent for consumer-based education. With that in mind, I will be introducing a new series which will cover some of the appreciable elements to a wide variety of detailing products, how well they work against rivaling manufacturers, and what they can do for your mode of transportation. So, without further ado, let's plunge ahead.

In this first segment, I'll be highlighting some of the characteristics of Optimum Car Wash. When it comes to fielding the endless supply of car wash soaps within the detailing industry, I can say with an unbiased stance that Optimum Car Wash is among one of the true champions.

First and foremost, while many other soaps claim to offer a pH-balanced solution, I find that this is a truly well-balanced formula for a variety of reasons.

After performing routine maintenance washes on vehicles that I had previously protected (i.e. glazes, waxes, sealants, coatings, etc.) I can physically see that Optimum Car Wash keeps their surfactants (compounds that lower the surface tension between other wetting agents) levels to an all-time low, which in turn preserves any existing level of protection for your vehicle.

When testing the limitations of Optimum Car Wash, I performed a handful of traditional three-bucket washes under harsh conditions, and what I've found is that while this soap still performs beautifully under even the most horrid of heat and humidity, it still takes a period of at least 5-10 minutes for streaking to occur.

When faced with particularly heavy contamination, OCW still performs well. In a handful of cases, OCW accelerates the emulsification (separation or breakdown of heavy contamination against the cleaning action) process at a rapid rate, and this goes the same for even the dirtiest of work trucks that see countless amounts of embedded dirt, grime, and bug guts.

As the label outlines, it's recommended to fill 0.5 ounces of OCW per 1 gallon of water for effective cleaning action. However, in my experience, I've found that the amount of suds and foaming action is minimal.

If you're in need of a heavier suds and foaming content, I would recommend using at least 1-1.5 ounces versus the recommended amount. Everything set aside, this would be my only harsh criticism with respect to their formula.

Aesthetically speaking, OCW will naturally produce a healthy glow to any paintwork, yet is gentle enough in its cleaning action that it's what I would categorize as an all-around, well-balanced car wash solution.

Although this may be of secondary importance, there are no penetrating fragrances that many other competitors mix into their formula, which I appreciate. At the end of the day, I find that fragrance is of no import. A wash is designed to wash, nothing further. Below you'll find a link to Optimum Car Wash. If you have any special requests for product reviews, simply send me a message and we'll add it to the queue of my detailing reviews. Until then, drive in confidence.

Optimum Car Wash

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