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One of the most infuriating and tiresome elements within any detailer's realm is that of automotive glass. If you lead a busy lifestyle, and simply don't have the time to maintain your automotive glass, GlassParency is for you. Before I comb through all that GlassParency has to offer, in no way shape or form is this classified as a biased, self-absorbed plug just because I'm an authorized GlassParency installer. This is simply speaking from personal experience, and that's what I enjoy giving my clients and other prospective clients; a real-world review.

When compared to other automotive glass coatings like Gtechniq G1, Aquapel, or Jade A63 Water Glyde, GlassParency is one that reigns supreme in terms of durability, resiliency, and resists the most when it comes to mineral deposits and etched water spots. While the other aforementioned competitors have a "laundry list" of directions concerning an application, Glassparency makes it easy for both the "prosumer" and the detail professional.

Within the complete line of GlassParency products, you'll find offerings that cover two categories. One, is a kit that is sold separately for your windscreen while the other is a larger kit for all of your automotive glass. The application method is simple with a prerequisite of purging the surface of any contamination. Once the glass is prepared, Step A as GlassParency outlines, is the initial preparation stage with a scrubbing solution to abrade the surface of any remaining dust and debris and a Step B of the coating itself.

Once a minute has elapsed, you'll see that the solution will leave a haze. This is an indicator that any remaining residue needs to be cleaned with an ammonia-free glass cleaning solution. The beauty of using GlassParency is that while the application is straightforward, curing times are quite forgiving. If you're scatterbrained or you become preoccupied with another task and wait too long, it's not the end of the world.

Okay, so what about my windscreen that's blanketed with swirls and scratches? The coating does not suffer in that department. Much like that of any filler (i.e., glazes, waxes, sealants) the same concept transfers to this particular coating and simply sinks into the pores of any blemish resulting in a high-performance form of protection. Of course in an ideal world, you'll see an increase in overall performance.

Holistically speaking, the one major drawback to GlassParency is that of periodic maintenance. While my expectations are always unrealistically high, a periodic maintenance schedule is required to ensure that GlassParency delivers on its 3-year warranty. Yes, I said a 3-year warranty. Conversely, another claim that GlassParency makes, which left me feeling dubious at one point, was the increase in clarity when driving at night and a reduction in glare while driving in bright sunlight. Initially I thought, "Oh great, another company that embellishes their marketing initiatives."

After treating dozens of vehicles, with our own personal vehicles included, GlassParency lives up to its claim. Much like that of any secondary characteristic associated with a paint protective coating, GlassParency produces substantial hydrophobic capabilities. Speaking from personal experience, I had an opportunity to drive along the highway during a violent thunderstorm and at 62 miles per hour, water doesn't stand a chance and at no time did I ever engage my windshield wipers. Of course, at slower speeds you'll see less of a sheeting action and more of repellency or beading-type effect.

As an afterthought, if you live in a more temperate climate where bugs are ubiquitous, the ease of washing any residual bug residue or other forms of similar contamination is a breeze.

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being abysmal and 10 being outstanding, my Blackstone Score is a solid 8. If I should come across anything within its category without a maintenance schedule coupled with the same length of durability, then that would gain at least a 9-9.5. Your windshield wipers need a break, don't you think? For more information on GlassParency, schedule your consultation and add the ease of automotive glass maintenance to your list of services at Blackstone Detail.

Blackstone Score | 8



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